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About us

The FUNDACIÓ CAIXALTEA, Fundació de la Comunitat Valenciana, is constituted, under the tutelage of the Protectorado exercised by the Generalitat Valenciana, a Foundation of a private and non-profit cultural nature, whose assets and resources are affected, in a lasting way , to the accomplishment of the purposes of general interest established in the Statutes.

The Fundació will develop its activities mainly in the Valencian Community territory, without prejudice to the extension of its activities to any other territorial area (local, provincial, state, community, international, etc.).

The purpose of the foundation is to carry out and promote all kinds of activities of general interest, particularly those aimed at cultural, social and welfare promotion in the environment to which it extends its scope of action.

It is the responsibility of the  trustees of the Foundation to determine the way in which the purposes enumerated in this article must be fulfilled, such as, for example, the merely enunciative and not limiting title: through the training of the members and workers of the cooperative in the principles and cooperative, economic and professional techniques; through the implementation of collaboration programs with third parties, scholarships, publications, exhibitions, contests and public events, facilitating aid to other initiatives and cultural and sports associations; through contributions or providing infrastructure and advisory; or participating and collaborating in the restoration of monuments and works of art. The benefits of the Foundation will be granted on a non-profit basis.

The development of the object of the Foundation will be carried out through the management and application of the part of the Fund for the Training and Cooperative Promotion assigned to it by CAIXALTEA, in accordance with the regulations in force, applying the endowments that the General Assembly agrees annually for that purpose, as well as the resources that may be available from other sources, such as donations from third parties or from the income of their own assets.

The purposes of the Foundation are:

  1. The promotion of inter-cooperative relations, the diffusion of cooperativism and the cultural, professional and social promotion of the local environment or of the community in general, as well as to any other purpose authorized by current legislation at every moment.
  2. To assume the historic social commitment of the founding entity, CAIXALTEA, with what has been its natural environment of implementation, and ensure the permanence of the social work of the same, whatever the evolution of the Savings Bank within the financial system.
  3. Attend and promote charitable-welfare works.
  4. Support the development of the local culture.
  5. Collaborate in the maintenance and dissemination of the cultural and artistic heritage of the Valencian Community on a preferential basis. Collect, safeguard and publicize the work of prestigious local artists.
  6.  Encourage the associative life of the Valencian Community and contribute to celebrations and social events, promoting the values ​​that are specific to our identity.
  7. Be part of the patronato of other foundations whose purposes are included among the objectives of the Foundation.

The potential beneficiaries of the Foundation will be all those who, directly or indirectly, are related to its field of action, with special attention to the CAIXALTEA partners and workers in order to their professional formation, as well as the partners and clients of the same, especially if it is about non-profit associations similar to those of the Foundation.

The Foundation will grant, with criteria of impartiality, objectivity and non-discrimination, its benefits to persons or entities that, meeting the conditions previously expressed, the patronato estimates to be legitimate creditors thereof, in accordance with the basis, norms or rules that it establishes for that purpose.